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Scarsdale Inquirer Gives Singer Strong Endorsement; "A passionate advocate; the best qualified"

Her resume speaks volumes: Yale econ major, Harvard MBA, president of the Autism Science Foundation, national advocate for children’s mental health and two decades of community involvement. But beyond that, Alison Singer’s record – as a passionate advocate for education and special needs children, and three year school board member ---speaks even louder about her qualifications to continue serving on the Scarsdale Board of Education. Experience with and knowledge of the local, state and national education system will be crucial for navigating the uncharted waters of the post pandemic (we hope) years ahead.

We don’t know why the SBNC didn’t nominate Singer for a second term, but we assume there were SBNC members, like many in the community, who were upset by the way things played out this past year. It was a terrible year for everyone. But we’re ready to move on. Why upset the apple cart by casting out the candidate best qualified to serve on the board? We should value and appreciate Singer’s experience on the board and her dedication to being an effective trustee. Consider this as well: Singer is the only current board member besides outgoing President Pam Fuehrer who served a full year on the board before COVID. As the district prepares to return to something closer to “normal” this fall and beyond, Singer’s perspective on pre-pandemic board work and responsibilities will be invaluable. We think she’s the best pick to guide the board because she understands what’s been left undone during the pandemic and what can be added or changed. And we have seen, as the parent of a special needs child, how dedicated she is to ensuring every student in the district has access to Scarsdale’s exceptional educational opportunities and programs.

This is not intended to diminish the credentials of the other candidates. Each is highly accomplished and would bring specific strengths and perspective to the board. But none has been on the front lines, as Singer has, working within the constraints of public education and dealing with the nuances of district-community relations. She has our support to continue that work.

Candidacy Statement from Alison Singer:

With the urging and support of many community members, I plan to run for a second term on the Board of Education and look forward to having my experience and qualifications evaluated by the full Village in the May 18th election.

Like so many of the other parents in our community, I am very grateful for the wonderful education both of my daughters received in Scarsdale schools. It was this experience that first prompted me to serve on the Board of Education. For the past three years, I have worked to uphold and expand the very best tenets of a Scarsdale education – academic excellence, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, student voice, physical & emotional safety, wellness, and personalized learning. It has been a true honor to serve the community in this role, and I hope to have the opportunity to spend the next three years building on Scarsdale’s legacy of achievement, benefiting and meeting the needs of all Scarsdale students.

I understand the frustration that has pervaded our community over the past year. We all lost control over our own lives and our children’s lives because of COVID-19. As the mom of a special needs child, I understand firsthand how scary it is to feel like you have little control over the decisions affecting your children and the pain that comes when they are suffering. It has been a challenging year on every front, and the decisions we have made to balance the health and safety of our community with students’ educational needs have been no exception. While people may disagree with decisions that have been made along the way, our goal was always to protect our students and families, even as we tried to incorporate all the very diverse and divergent perspectives of our school community.

Everyone who lives here knows that Scarsdale is not a typical school district, and that is why we all choose to live here. The relationships and partnerships among teachers, students, and the community were forged over decades by people who hold education as a core value. These are the important principles the board needs to shepherd and these are the values that will propel Scarsdale forward and enhance teaching and learning. I believe my experience and seniority on the Board are critical in moving this mission forward, and I hope the community will support my candidacy to make this happen.

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Scarsdale School Board; 2018 - present.

  • Scarsdale School Board Vice President, January 2020-present

  • Subcommittee on Policy Review and Development; 2018-2020 (Rewrote and modernized dozens of policies, including those on harassment and bullying prevention, and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)

  • Liaison to New York State School Board Association (NYSSBA)

  • Liaison to Scarsdale CHILD

  • Liaison to Scarsdale Commission on Family Violence

  • Liaison to Student Handbook Committee 

  • Completed NYSSBA (New York State School Board Association) training on school governance, finance, special education, education law, and board leadership


  • Yale University, BA in Economics Magna Cum Laude, 1988

  • Harvard Business School, MBA, 1993

  • Emory University, ScD, Honoris Causis, 2020

Current Occupation: President, Autism Science Foundation

Past Professional Positions:

  • Executive Vice President, Autism Speaks

  • Vice President, NBC News Cable and Business Development

  • CNBC, Special Projects Producer and Producer of MarketWrap

Current and Past Board Service:

  • Federal Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC)

  • Seaver Autism Center at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital

  • Yale Child Study Center

  • Marcus Autism Center at Emory University

  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Autism Center

  • National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH) Alliance for Research Progress

  • New York State Advisory Committee on Immunization Practice

  • Westchester Autism Advisory Board

Scarsdale Volunteer Activities:

  • Scarsdale Board of Education

  • Scarsdale School Board Nominating Committee (SBNC)

  • SBNC Administrative Committee Chair

  • SBNC Administrative Committee Vice Chair

  • SBNC Joint Committee Chair

  • Co-Chair of Scarsdale CHILD for two terms

  • Scarsdale Board of Education Committee on Special Education

  • Scarsdale Board of Education Committee on Preschool Special Education

  • Colonial Acres Neighborhood Association.